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Car Wash and Detailing Services

"We'll love your car like it has never been loved before!" Our car wash and detail center in Mukwonago offers a full line of car wash services and auto detailing packages. The staff looks forward to serving you every day. Providing outstanding customer service with every full service car wash is our commitment to you, the customer. Don't forget to grab some Car Wash Coupons for extra savings.

Our Car Wash Services

River's Edge Car Wash Memberships Available!

Unlimited Washes for One Car for One Month: BASIC Wash $20, GOLD Wash $30, Platinum Wash $40, and Titanium Wash $50. For more details, call (262) 363-7000.

Exterior Express

only $7


Exterior Wash and Blow Dry

only $10


Wash, Wax, Underbody and Triple Foam Polish

only $13


GOLD WASH + Rain-X® and Bug/Salt Prep

only $17


PLATINUM Wash + Armor All® Extreme Shine Hot Wax, Rims Cleaned, Tires Shined

Interior Cleaning

only $25

Deluxe Service (Better)

PLATINUM WASH, FULL SERVICE Interior Cleaning, Rims Cleaned and Tires Dressed

only $30

Ultimate Service (Best)

TITANIUM WASH and Full-Service Interior Cleaning

Extra Services

only $3

Wheel Package

Add this to any wash and to have your online rims cleaned and online tires shined.

only $3

Rain-X® Treatment

Rain-X® protects your paint from daily driving. It's quick and easy application doesn't take any more time than a regular wash and when used regularly, Rain-X® will give your car an excellent shine.

Our Detailing Services

Exterior Detail

This two-step polishing process is ideal for darker colored finishes and vehicles that have been slightly neglected over time. The first step is a glaze that is applied to fill in light micro-scratches that contribute to a dull finish. Next, a polymer sealant is applied to provide a high gloss to your vehicle's finish that will last up to six months. This process takes a minimum of three (3) hours and an appointment is needed. A FULL Service car wash, tire dressing, tar/bug removal, wheel and chrome cleaning are all included.

Cars ... $75
Minivans/SUVs ... $100
Suburbans/Trucks/Vans ... $125

Engine Detail

Your engine compartment is cleaned, degreased and dressed.

All vehicles ... $25 (plus wash)

Odor Eliminator

Our Odor Eliminator System decontaminates and deodorizes your vehicle removing all odors.

All vehicles ... $50

Full Service Handwax

This liquefied paste wax is applied entirely by hand and polished to a shine. Special care is taken to cover all painted surfaces (roofs, included) while avoiding contract with trim. This process takes about 90 minutes and will protect your vehicle for 60 to 90 days (recommended at every oil change). Handwax includes a FULL service car wash and tire dressing.

Cars ... $50
Minivans/SUVs ... $75
Suburbans/Trucks/Vans ... $100

Interior Detail

All carpets and upholstery is steam extracted. All leather and vinyl is cleaned and conditioned to beautify and protect against the drying effects of ultra-violet rays. Your vehicle is needed for a minimum of four (4) hours plus drying time and an appointment is needed.

Cars ... $125
Minivans/SUVs ... $175
Suburbans/Trucks/Vans ... $200

Complete Car Care

This includes both the interior and the exterior detail services. Your vehicle is needed for a minimum of six (6) hours plus drying time and an appointment is needed.

Cars ... $175
Minivans/SUVs ... $225
Suburbans/Trucks/Vans ... $275

River's Edge is proud to be the #1 provider of car detailing services in the Mukwonago, East Troy and North Prairie area!

  • All appointments must be secured with a $20 non-refundable deposit

  • Odor neutralizing service is extra. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee results on all odors

  • Hard water stains will not come out

  • Additional charge for extra dirty vehicles

  • Oxidation service by Estimate only. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee results on oxidized vehicles